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In an industry where flexibility is essential, EZ-CAP is celebrating 20-years of success with the unveiling of its next generation “.net” product. Using the simple, powerful interface that has made EZ-CAP a lasting brand, “.net” incorporates workflow tools and advanced auto-adjudication. Over the years, EZ-CAP has offered proven and reliable technology to help automate and manage increasingly complex health insurance benefits. The competitively priced, easy-to-use, and easy-to-adapt and configure EZ-CAP has enabled a host of users to efficiently and cost effectively automate their healthcare administration to suit their evolving requirements and stay in control of their data.  For more information please visit us at www.EZ-CAP.com or email us @ sales@EZ-CAP.com.

ANDA SystemsANDA SYSTEMS Focusing the dental technology and services industry since 1991, ANDA Systems delivers turnkey, Real-Time claims adjudication systems developed "by dental, for dental". ANDA's team of industry leading experts have led delivery of solutions and services to hundreds of large and small dental carriers, tens of thousands of dental providers and hundreds of dental software vendors. Let our staff help you navigate dental processing issues from everyday IT system setbacks, challenging administration guidelines, stringent compliance requirements, and anything in between. Visit us today at www.ANDASystems.com.