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WorkCompEDI offers Payors the ability to instantly reduce their
compliance electronic processing expenses while reducing the
amount of effort, resources and overall staff necessary to
process work comp bills.
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  • Umbrella Clearinghouse - allow WorkCompEDI to act
    as your firm's single EDI bill coordinator, receiving bills
    and attachments from any/all sources, helping simplify
    your organization's processing needs, and organizational
    resources needed to maintain numerous EDI channels.
    Direct Submitters, Vendors, Clearinghouses, Other
    Payors - nobody is turned away, regardless of how complex
    or customized their needs are to deliver EDI to our Payor clients.
  • Reduce Clearinghouse Fees - instantly reduce clearinghouse
    fees for bills that are currently gathered by WorkCompEDI network but
    submitted to your plan via other channels.
  • Paper Processing Services -- supply WorkCompEDI Clearinghouse all your paper bills and attachments received from your providers for conversion into electronic formats. Using WorkCompEDI's proprietary technology, all documents returned with the industry's highest service level guarantee (99.5% accuracy).
  • State & Federal Compliance -- immediately meet compliance requirements mandating the ability to receive or exchange EDI transactions in specified formats. WorkCompEDI provides an "anything-in / anything-out" approach, helping our clients meet compliance without disrupting their business through formatting or conversion problems.


WorkCompEDI offers providers the lowest-cost clearinghouse service in the industry. WIth a focus on "Customer Service", providers will find a strong commitment by WorkCompEDI staff to ensure complete satisfaction in their billing services with work comp Payors. Download Brochure

  • Low Clearinghouse Fees - low per-bill fees to any carrier in the US, and no extra service or solution fees. For WCEDI Provider Clients, all attachments submitted in support of bills are free!
  • No Long Term Contracts or Commitments - there are no long-term or exclusive contracts with WCEDI. Simply register to utilize the service to begin lowering your processing costs today.
  • Use Existing Practice Management / Billing Software to Submit Bills - using the iCompEDI web portal, providers are able to submit bills directly out of their existing billing software. There are no additional costs to utilize the tool, nor for installation, training or support services.
  • Fax-to-EDI: A "non-technical" way to Submit Bills - if technology is not your forte, simply sign up to submit all work comp bills and attachments via your fax machine and receive the same great service that you would receive had you submitted using EDI - individual bill tracking number; key reports faxed back to you each day with updates to the status of the billing process; same customer service support and more!
  • Electronic Edits To Reduce Erroneous Bill Submissions - WorkCompEDI Clearinghouse offers logic edits to assist providers in reducing their erroneous bill submissions. Additionally, through other existing provider clients, all provider offices benefit from a centralized source that identifies problematic changes by carriers, enhancing the overall bill processing service.