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Business Process Outsource (BPO) Services

WCEDI is an established Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
company, with sevices to help our clients significantly reduce costs
associated with operational processes. Our BPO services are flexible
to precisely fit your business needs, and are proficiently implemented
and monitored to ensure complete satisfaction of your objectives.

Paper-to-EDI / OCR Services

Paper-to-EDI services eliminate data entry and increase efficiency while reducing organizational costs. Converting paper bills or claims to EDI entails a multitude of facets, which can be offered independently or in combination with the following services:

  • Mailroom
  • Image Hosting
  • Scanning / Imaging
  • Pre- and Auto-Adjudication
  • Paper-to-EDI Conversion
  • Hard Copy Shredding & Storage
  • Verify / Index
  • Delivery in Any Format

As a leading outsourcing service provider for over 15 years, WCEDI has always utilized industry best-practices to ensure we assist our clients in evolving with their markets as well as improving their operational efficiencies. We offer a document process management technology solution that supports the larger, more complex organizations down to the smaller, self-insured companies.

WCEDI continues to lead the industry in delivering the most flexible, end-to-end outsourcing solution of its kind, helping meld the paper world and the EDI market into a turn-key solution.


Printing Solutions & Services

  • EOB / EOR Statement Printing
  • Patient Statement Printing
  • Direct Mail Services
  • Network Recruitment & Fulfillment
  • Premium Notices
  • Custom Mailings